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Business Value Driven Change

Transformation has risen to be a top priority for most companies.  In my experience, three key imperatives guide a successful transformation:

  • Business strategies and clear sponsorship

  • Value creation plan for defined results

  • Execution plan to orchestrate action

Penny McGill

Transform by Digitizing Your Company

  • Focus on the customer interactions end-to-end, front to back


  • Zero in on digitizing the business - people, process, technology


  • Position how your company operates in the digital ecosystem

The right Transformation leadership is the difference between success and failure.  Successful leadership manages the execution plan effectively, and in particular, is exceptional in three areas:


Bring the right people together to

  • Focus on practical decisions

  • Manage incremental results

  • Anchor progress to value

  • Be diligent in stakeholder management


Complexity - keeping it simple

Manage thru complexity and facilitate collaboration to execute the plan

  • The expertise of different people in the company is key to operationalising workable solutions

  • Advocacy for change needs to be fostered among the teams affected by the transformation

Communications & Collaboration

Develop communications and understanding using these principles

  • Keep things simple and practical

  • Enable quick resolutions on critical issues

  • Frame intentions with value to individuals, management, the business and, shareholders

  • Operate with transparency in actions, results and problem-sharing

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