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More than 25 years experience  enabling transformation in business by delivering:

  • Program Management

  • Operating Model Definition

  • Process Redesign

  • Technology Implementations

Certifications with practical experience in:

Design Thinking Certification

Agile Certification

Change Management Level II Certification

Management Consulting Certification

Executive Leadership Development

Architecting Business Change

STRATEGY envision customers’ needs, define value proposition, create differentiation.

Grow the Business

  • Navigate the competitive landscape and dynamics that influence market position

  • Develop a clear understanding and definition of strengths and advantages

  • Re-imagine the value potential for customers

  • Shape strategic actions and value targets

Strategy - grow the business

Delivery of services are enabled by the following competencies:

Strategy, Design, and Manage

DESIGN infuse innovation, reinvent operations, leverage emerging capabilities.

Digitize the Operations

  • Acquire new levels of understanding for how rapidly changing forces impact business

  • Drive innovation and outside-in perspectives to reinvent and digitize operations

  • Realign to the emerging digital ecosystem

Digitize the operations in banking to extend role in the digital ecosystem
  • Bridge the gap between strategy and strategy execution

  • Skillfully balance stakeholder engagement

  • Spend wisely on doing the right things to enable the strategy

  • Optimize scarce resources

  • Integrate and resolve inter project dependencies

MANAGE optimize resources, automate wherever possible, deliver consistently.

Achieve the Goals

Achieving the goals is having effective strategy execution
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