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Experience - Making it happen

Here are examples where I've helped companies achieve transformation

Expanding into a New Market


Large bank aspired to grow their N.A. cash management business by expanding into the small and medium markets. Key questions – is there a scalable go-to-market model, is a solution to satisfy customers affordable, and will the market segment be profitable? The result was a $300M annual revenue growth strategy for N.A. Cash Management with an operating model and 5-year roadmap for success.

Urban View from Window

A Tale of Success


The CIO of a large bank was feeling the pressure from business partners to reduce costs and explain value. Facilitated collaborative team engagement with more than 80 of the bank's technology leaders, who architected real change in how to deliver value, faster and better. Equipping the team with industry leading practices, targeted 30% efficiency gains for technology and operations in a detailed 5-year roadmap and business case.


Turnaround Revived Confidence


A large scale core banking implementation found itself in a world of trouble after two years. Requested initially to assess the issues and formulate a turnaround strategy.  The strategy emerged and began with a reset on the business needs, a new execution plan, augmentation of skilled talent, and disciplined governance. Continued to help rebuild confidence with the business by delivering successful outcomes.

Business Plan
Here are other examples where I've helped companies solve business problems.

An order-taking sales model for personal savings and investment products transformed to ...

... a roadmap for changing people, process and technology capabilities to grow by $34B

Large Bank

The concern that account opening capabilities were behind those of competitors transformed to ...

... empowered insights about targeted process and technology changes to move ahead

Large Bank

Line of business leaders dissatisfied that technology and operations cost too much transformed to ...

... a shareholder value analysis that demonstrated $1.1 return on value

Large Financial Institution

A costly financial operation that experienced challenges supporting lines of business transformed to ...

... a leaner, more functional, state-of-the-art Finance group poised to support lines of business

Large Financial Institution

Executive complaints about technology cost transfers, not understood and appeared excessive transformed to ...

... a business cross charge approach that aligned costs to outcomes

Large Financial Institution

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