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Strategy becomes real when things happen

Since my last post, I’ve been reflecting on what it really takes to make things happen. Strategies become real when things happen. Someone said to me today, I am so glad you agreed to take this initiative on because you get things done. Is it possible that I spend more time than others, thereby yielding more output? It’s possible but I don’t believe that is the reason why. What if the reason is part mindset and a bigger part engaging help?

I equate mindset to the ‘little engine that can’ outlook. I seem to get excited to embrace all kinds of new challenges and in fact, have a hard time saying no. I find this is fueled naturally by a passion to learn, high energy levels, and just loving to solve problems.

Even more influential though is engaging help and, asking for help is a first step. Is asking typically enough? Not very often. A person who needs help may communicate what they need in clear terms and well-articulated reasons why the help is important. Even the best communication is faulty because it is asking the ‘mind’ of the other person for help. Instead, I have discovered that asking their heart for help is what makes the difference. Make the request in a way that is truly relevant to that person and helps them serve what they consider to be their higher purpose.

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