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Welcome to my professional website


I'm sharing my insights, thoughts and experiences as I enjoy what I like to do in my career.  Thanks to Karen, for her inspirations - she is an amazing friend.

Thank you for visiting my website - I'd be delighted to connect with you.



A management consultant who inspires and helps transform North American businesses for growth, quality and profit.  More than 25 years experience enabling transformation in business by delivering:

- program management

- operational strategy

- process redesign

- technology implementations.

Industry expertise in banking and insurance as well as manufacturing and telecommunications. Performed roles both in industry and global management consulting firms.


"Many companies who have clear strategies understand that a different skillset -- and talent profile --  is needed to effectively deliver and realize the results of those strategies.  

This sought after combination of strategic and delivery capabilities are revealed through repeatable experiences.   My sweet spot on a team is transforming strategy to action and making it happen."


Helps businesses grow.

Advice to Action.


Work collaboratively to make it happen:

  • Strategy: envision customers needs, define value proposition, create differentiation.


  • Designthink out-of-the-box, remodel  operations, leverage emerging capabilities.


  • Manage:  optimize resources, automate wherever possible, deliver consistently.


What I like to do ...

    I enjoyed a rich career in the corporate world, successfully taking on many roles along the way, and was the beneficiary of wonderful mentors.  I learned a lot and, as I embraced the responsibilities of an executive, I believed in my duty serve my clients needs with integrity and to advocate for the people around me.  Fulfilling my duty is intensely satisfying.

     In my move to become an independent management consultant, I stand by this duty -- integrity and advocacy for people.  I think of myself as a 'ninja' who fills a specified role on each engagement, for each client.  In fulfilling those responsibilities, I seek to find ways to support those around me to help them advance, learn, grow and progress. Their success is gratifying for me. 


What I like to do
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