I'm sharing my insights, thoughts and experiences as I enjoy what I like to do in my career.  Thanks to Karen, for her inspirations - she is an amazing friend.

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A management consultant who inspires and helps transform North American businesses for growth, quality and profit.  More than 25 years experience enabling transformation in business by delivering:

- program management

- operational strategy

- process redesign

- technology implementations.

Industry expertise in banking and insurance as well as manufacturing and telecommunications. Performed roles both in industry and global management consulting.


"I believe that many companies who have clear strategies struggle with executing those strategies.  It is a rare combination to blend strategic capabilities with the skills to deliver.   I am known for transforming the strategy to action and making it happen."


Helps businesses grow.

Advice to Action.


Work collaboratively to make it happen:

  • Strategy: envision customers needs, define value proposition, create differentiation.


  • Design:  infuse innovation, reinvent operations, leverage emerging capabilities.


  • Manage:  optimize resources, automate wherever possible, deliver consistently.


Welcome to my professional website


What I like to do ...

    I enjoyed a rich career in the corporate world, successfully taking on new roles along the way.  I learned a lot and, as I embraced the responsibilities of an executive, I believed in my duty serve my clients needs with integrity and to advocate for the people around me.  Fulfilling my duty was intensely satisfying.


    The balancing act of delivering against corporate targets while being true to my passion for helping clients and enabling people to grow, required making trade offs.  For me the trade off was to have what felt like was an 'all consuming' focus on my corporate life.  I am not saying I didn't tussle for work-life balance.  I did and loved special moments with my family, coveted time with my friends, and enjoyed my hobbies. The operative point is that to achieve a balance, I was in a continuous scuffle with competing demands for my focus.

     Now, I've discovered that taking in the moments of my life as a whole needs to have a natural flow in order to gain that sense of peace and contentment.  Taking in the scenery at high speed is often a blur. Introducing a natural flow to how I organize my days has enabled me to re-evaluate what I like to do.


     For my career, I zeroed in on my role as a management consultant.  I know I love this role because some of the best times in my career were spent performing as a management consultant.  I can work with great people, take on challenging work, learn a lot and, have an impact.

    Recently, I completed a year long assignment and realized joy in a job well done.  I worked with a wonderful team, faced significant program challenges, learned a tremendous amount, and made a difference.  Most of all, I was able to be true to my passions.